Welcome to How Housing Matters

Housing is much more than shelter. A growing body of evidence increasingly shows that a quality, affordable home is essential for families and communities to thrive.

How Housing Matters is the go-to place for the most rigorous research and practical information on how housing can contribute to:

  • Better educational opportunities and outcomes for children.
  • Stronger economic foundations for families and communities.
  • Healthier people and neighborhoods.

Funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and implemented by the Urban Land Institute, How Housing Matters is a resource for:

  • Housing industry participants looking for practical information on building and improving housing that offers opportunities for family and community success.
  • Professionals in education, economic development, and public health who are partnering with housing organizations or looking to do so.
  • Policymakers seeking the most compelling data and analysis that “connects the dots” between housing and educational success, economic prosperity, and public health.
  • Advocates making the case for housing’s essential role in supporting individual and community wellbeing.
  • Researchers working to deepen our understanding of housing’s relationship with other pivotal factors in our lives.

On How Housing Matters you’ll find:

  • Research and reports produced to the highest standards of credibility and summarized in terms of key, actionable findings.
  • Daily news and upcoming events from the leading sources of objective information.
  • Video and infographics that bring research to life, inform collaboration, and inspire action.

Image courtesy of The Neighborhood Developers