Embedding Equity in Public Space: The Community First Toolkit Launch

/ Webinar

Hosted By:
Urban Institute

A new wave of parks is emerging. Across North America, communities and civic leaders are activating public spaces by reusing derelict urban infrastructure. The organizations behind these parks are offering a unique opportunity to redefine civic life, equitable development for their communities, and health and wellness by leveraging resources and pushing the boundaries of public space.

For the past two years, 15 park organizations—led by the High Line Network (a program of the High Line)—partnered with researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Urban Institute to explore the potential of public space to bring benefits to our cities and towns. They did so with a commitment to equity in their work, delving into history, experimenting with ways to share power, and building systems to center community in their values and actions. This work resulted in the Community First Toolkit, a process and tools codifying a path to embed equity in public spaces for park practitioners.

Join the Urban Institute for the virtual launch of the Community First Toolkit, where they will explore the tools and the process created plus some key findings. Members of the High Line Network and the research partners will discuss their experiences, reflecting on the lessons they’ve learned while measuring the impact they’re creating.