Webinar: Integrating Housing into Health Care

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Hosted By:
National Housing Conference

The landscape of health care in America is shifting as the country grapples with containing health care costs and improving health outcomes. Changes to the Medicaid program by the Affordable Care Act and other reforms have created new flexibility in health care spending for some organizations and incentivized or mandated comprehensive approaches to health care that integrate social services for other health care entities.

This webinar will discuss some of the new opportunities for integrating housing and housing services into health care described in the Center for Housing Policy's recent paper, Affordable Housing's Place in Health Care. Panelists will describe ongoing efforts to forge collaborations with managed care organizations and initiatives to establish Medicaid reimbursement for asthma home visiting programs.


  • Janet Viveiros, senior research associate, National Housing Conference¬†
  • Nancy Pollock, principal, Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future
  • Amanda Reddy, director of programs and impact, National Center for Healthy Housing