What Trends Are Developers Seeing in Mixed Generation Living?

What Trends Are Developers Seeing in Mixed Generation Living?
Lynn Ross
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Older adults' desire to remain in their homes and communities suggests an increase in intergenerational communities and perhaps multigenerational housing. Intergenerational communities are communities with residents that span multiple generations, while multigenerational housing are households include some combination of grandparents, parents and children. In 2013, leading ULI members engaged in community development work and senior housing discussed their view of current and emerging trends in multigenerational housing and intergenerational communities. The Residential Futures II report presents their comments.

While some developers are adapting community design and programming to meet the needs of multiple generations, others think multigenerational living is a short term trend and are not incorporating it into their product development. Indeed different approaches may be better suited to different communities across the country. Input from industry leaders who are in touch with their markets offers rare insight into how demographics are impacting real estate development as the Baby Boomers age.